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Nov 28 2011


So as I mentioned in an earlier post I am beginning to think about what I want to do with my Summer.  I was hired very close to the first day of school and was automatically placed in the “no paychecks during the Summer” plan so I definitely want to make sure I save as much as possible before school gets out and get a position for the Summer months.  Part of me would love to spend two months planning and making incredible lesson, unit, and long term plans but with the loans that I have that is just not an option right now.  More than that though I am want to have the fire back that led me to do a million different internships and jobs during college.  I want this Summer to be something more than just a retail job or working at a bar.  Ideally I want something that will give me a better sense about education or expose me to something in another field.  I’ll let you know when I figure it all out.

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  1. Lauren

    Good luck on your search. I’m an incoming (2012) CM and was wondering how TFA wants you to spend the summer between your 2 years of commitment. After this post, I’m assuming there’s not any additional training or commitment that TFA wants you to make over the summer? Also, if you feel comfortable answering–what sort of loans are you referring to, because I was also under the impression that student loans don’t have to be paid back until after your 2 years in TFA.

    Thanks for your post, and your help! And again–good luck finding a job. Hopefully you’ll be offered a summer school position!

    • ryandwinn

      Thanks for your comment! Yeah TFA is pretty hands off with your time away from school. I applied to work at Institute and will be applying for a few other positions as well.

      In terms of loan payments your interest is deferred through Americorps so you are saving money on your loans and just paying down the principal but I have still been making payments. I know I haven’t figured out exactly how the process works yet though and I am still trying to determine if there is a way to postpone payment until after TFA.

      Which region are you assigned too?

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