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Nov 28 2011


So as I mentioned in an earlier post I am beginning to think about what I want to do with my Summer.  I was hired very close to the first day of school and was automatically placed in the “no paychecks during the Summer” plan so I definitely want to make sure I save as much as possible before school gets out and get a position for the Summer months.  Part of me would love to spend two months planning and making incredible lesson, unit, and long term plans but with the loans that I have that is just not an option right now.  More than that though I am want to have the fire back that led me to do a million different internships and jobs during college.  I want this Summer to be something more than just a retail job or working at a bar.  Ideally I want…

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Nov 28 2011

T-Minus 3 Weeks

So unlike a lot of people I opted to stay in Memphis (my TFA region) for Thanksgiving.  It was way too expensive to fly all the way back to New England for just a few days so we shipped my brother into Memphis for the week and I got to show him around and do…

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Nov 21 2011

Summer Jobs

AS most TFAers I am an obnoxious planner.  I was wondering if anyone out there had advice on summer employed to supplement income with working as a CM?  I am willing to do pretty much anything to help get these loans paid down as soon as possible. Open to any suggestions!

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Nov 21 2011

Thanksgiving is in how many days?

So hear I sit just two days before my first Thanksgiving Break as a TFA Teacher here in Memphis.  I cannot believe how fast these first few months have gone.  Although I do not have this down 100% by any stretch of the imagination I have come a long way from the kid who walked…

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Nov 07 2011

The Art of the Possible

So despite teaching Math here in Memphis I studied Political Science in college with a focus on American government.  One of the most interesting things to come out of my time in the classroom and as a part of Teach for America is the subtle changes in my views towards previously settled political issues. I…

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Oct 31 2011

First College Homecoming

So last weekend I took my first day off of school to travel back to Washington, D.C. for homecoming at The Catholic University of America.  This was my first trip away from Memphis since the start of school and the first time I had been out of the city since returning from Institute in Atlanta…

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Oct 03 2011

First Nine Weeks

So the first nine weeks are almost in the books.  I have been all over the place emotionally but I can say with absolute certainty that last week was incredible.  After a rough management day on Monday I got my game face on and adjusted.  My students were incredible.  They rose to the occasion, talked…

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Sep 12 2011

So The Silver Lining

So tonight I uploaded a draft post from a low moment during the first Unit of my TFA experience.  I was really surprised by a few things. 1. Some people’s “helpful comments” suck.  They clearly don’t remember what this feels like. 2. Honesty is apparently tantamount to whining.  We talk about honest reflection a lot…

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Aug 29 2011

Am I being taken advantage of?

Ok so I like my school, I am slowly but surely getting the hang of this on a day-to-day basis, and I think I am getting better at explaining math concepts to middle schoolers (at least I hope so!). I cannot tell if I am being taken advantage of though by one of the other…

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Aug 26 2011

iPad a Go Go

Great news! TFA and Apple’s partnership means that all Corps Members are getting refurbished iPads for use in their classrooms. Event better these iPads belong to the individual corps members and not TFA or our schools!

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